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Rob Gronkowski Sticking to His Style, Despite Interference Penalties

Rob Gronkowski the star tight end for the New England Patriots has been flagged four times this season for offensive pass interference, which gives him the lead in the league in that department. However, for Gronk, the four penalties are four more than he believes he is deserving of.

The Pats tight end says he is not doing anything wrong, when asked about what he could do to prevent the pass interferences calls against him. He added that he was just playing football and would not change his style.

This past Sunday, Gronkowski was flagged for his fourth OPI and his reception that went for 20 yards and a first down was negated during the second quarter.

In an October 29 victory over Miami, the tight end was given the same penalty that took away a Julian Edelman touchdown pass.

He had two pass interference calls called against him on September 27 in a victory of Jacksonville, which erased a completion by Danny Amendola of 13 yards and a James White completion of 5 yards.

Thus far, through 10 weeks of NFL games, there have been a total of 81 offensive pass interference penalties called. Last season through 10 weeks there were 75 called.

Asked if he felt he was being targeted the New England tight said he was not sure what was going one. However, he insisted he would continue playing the way he has played the entire season.

Gronkowski at times has asked the officials what led to his being called for an OPI.

His coach Bill Belichick is one of the first to defend how his players is and says Gronkowski does not play in a way to draw those type of penalties.

At this point, with the Patriots still undefeated, the calls have not been that costly unless you are Edelman and you had a touchdown pass wiped off your stat sheet.

The total OPIs called thus far are only 6 more after 10 weeks than last season and is likely not anything the officials are focusing on.

Since the illegal contact rule started to be enforced much stricter starting last season, NFL officials could be looking harder at receivers to make sure they do not get any advantage on the defense.

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