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New York Jets live stream – How to watch with or without cable TV

All but the most diehard New York Jets fans will need a roster copy to identify the players on the field in 2018. Wholesale changes followed a surprisingly competitive showing behind the veteran Josh McCown and a load of young players.

Todd Bowles still calls McCown his starter for now, but it is fully expected that the third-overall draft pick, Sam Darnold, will take over sooner than later. Free agent Isaiah Crowell will join him in the backfield, alongside Bilal Powell. That is a power and speed options for the offense.

A slew of young wide receivers returning from injuries will compete with Jermaine Kearse and second-year receiver Robbie Anderson. Terrelle Pryor hopes to resurrect his pass catching career in New York, too.

The defense boasts a young and solid secondary, and not much else. The defensive line and the linebackers will need to improve, especially in the sacks department.

Was last year a tease? Or will the Jets be good enough to pass the Bills and Dolphins on the way to a surprise wild card appearance?

One thing is for sure; true Jets fans won’t want to miss a game or even a play this season. The savviest among them will watch New York Jets live stream games on an internet feed via one of many legal and high-quality streaming sites.

For those who have already dumped their expensive cable or satellite provider, NFL live stream games will be the best way to watch NY Jets football live in 2018. It is also a great option for fans dealing with incomplete cable channel choices.

Here are your best options to watch New York Jets live stream football.

Use Sling TV to watch New York Jets live stream football

Sling TV is one of the leading internet television providers with a large selection of streaming channels to offer. Those channels include FOX, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

Unfortunately, CBS provides the bulk of NY Jets live stream games. Then why would we recommend Sling TV? Because of the NFL Network. The Jets have an unusual television schedule, with two games streaming exclusively on the NFL Network. Not many streaming services provide the channel.

You can also combine Sling TV with a service that provide the CBS feed and watch all 16 NY Jets live stream games. You will see how a little further down this page.

For now, Sling TV allows you to watch NFL live stream games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday for $40/month. They also offer NFL Red Zone in an add-on for zealous fans.

Many NY Jets live stream games are on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a sports-devoted streaming service offering high-quality pictures and compatible with most mobile or online devices. CBS is among its channel offerings, making it a great way to watch New York Jets live stream games.

They also offer Fox and NBC, opening the door to other NFL live stream offerings on Thursday and Sunday nights, along with a full package of Sunday afternoon games.

Despite its sports focus, Fubo TV does not include the NFL Network or ESPN on its channel list. You would need a complimentary service to watch the three New York Jets games live on those networks.

Fubo TV costs $45 per month for multiple sports channels and other entertainment venues.

DirecTV Now offers NY Jets live stream games

DirecTV Now is the internet streaming division of the satellite television company. It does not offer the NFL Sunday Ticket, but its channel selection includes ESPN, NBC, and FOX.

As with Fubo TV, DirecTV Now does not offer CBS or NFL Network. It is slightly less expensive at $40/month and does not require a contract.

CBS All Access provides 11 Jets live stream games

CBS All Access has rights to 11 New York Jets live stream games which are included in its basic service. The network’s other Sunday offerings are also available, as are several playoff games and Super Bowl LIII.

Because they do not have to contract with multiple networks and entertainment companies, CBS can offer its All Access service for $5.99 per month. There is no contractual obligation to continue after the Jets live stream games are over.

Fans on a budget can enjoy the bulk of New York Jet live stream games for this low price. They can also use another service that lacks CBS to watch all 16 NY Jets live stream games.

PlayStation Vue and NY Jets live stream

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s live stream internet television service. Despite the name, you do not need a PlayStation module to use the service. It is compatible with most streaming devices.

PlayStation Vue offers the NFL Network and ESPN nationally. You might also be able to watch NY Jets live stream games on all three major NFL networks (FOX, CBS, and NBC) in PSV’s $45/month package. Or… you might not.

Sony is involved in a series of negotiations that have knocked local networks off the air in many markets. When we last checked, New York still enjoyed the total package. However, it is a moving target and you should check with the PlayStation Vue website to verify what is included in your area.

NFL Game Pass offers Jets Live Stream overseas

New York Jets fans who want to watch Jets games live every week can do so every week with NFL Game Pass if… and only if… they live outside the United States.

International Game Pass customers can watch any NFL live stream game, including all 16 NY Jets live stream games, as they happen from virtually any internet-connected device. The quality of the feed is directly related to the quality of your internet connection. Some countries are better than others.

Paying $125 for a one-year subscription also gets you the NFL Network 24/7, along with NFL Red Zone, condensed replays and archived games from seasons past.

US residents can pay $99 per year for an on-demand archive of games, available immediately after the last game of each weekis over, as well as the NFL Network and all the other international benefits.

Everyone can watch NY Jets live stream games

There is a package or combination of services that allows anyone to watch the NY Jets live all season long. Remember to verify channel availability in your market before you commit. (Just check the company website.)

Then you can relax and follow every minute of New York Jets live stream football games all season long.

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