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New York Giants live stream – How to watch with or without cable TV

Exciting things are happening around New York Giants camp recently. Last season’s disastrous performance has been cast aside. New coaches, a new general manager, and several new young players create an air of expectation.

Rookie running back, Saquon Barkley has defenders shaking their heads as they look at the back of jersey headed toward the end zone. Odell Beckham is healthy and ready to prove he is worth the largest salary paid to a wide receiver. Second-year tight end Evan Engram is catching everything within reach.

Best of all, a reshuffled offensive line has opened big possibilities for the Giants offense. 37-year-old Eli Manning is throwing the ball deep again. Barkley and Beckham provide misdirection and confusion while Engram and Sterling Shepard catch passes.

New York hasn’t scored 30 points in a game since 2015. Local beat writers and fans are wondering how they could ever score less than 30 points in any game in 2018.

Throw in a reshuffled and bolstered defense with a new and proven coordinator, and you can understand why Giants fans and many others expect big things from New York.

How to watch NY Giants games live

Certainly, no fan is going to want to miss a single play of the 2018 season; not with Barkley and Beckham offering a chance for a touchdown on every play.

With some of the highest prices in the nation for cable and satellite television, many NFL fans in the greater New York area have done away with their traditional providers and turned to streaming television services. Those fans can watch every New York Giants live stream game if they have the right providers.

Fans dealing with less expensive cable packages that do not include a full slate of NFL or NY Giants live stream games can use these services, too. After their great experience watching the Giants live, maybe they’ll join their neighbors and cut the cord forever, too!

These streaming internet television companies each offer legal, high-quality service with reliable signals and most cable-preferred options like pause, rewind, and DVR. They show officially licensed NFL games over contracted channels.

Watch NY Giants live stream games on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the better-known and trusted internet TV providers. They offer Giants live stream games over local NBC and FOX stations, as well as ESPN and NFL Network. That gives you 14 New York Giants games live.

The company does not offer CBS, which carries two Sunday Giants games live this season. You will get both Giants Monday Night Football appearances and their Sunday night game. Ten games will be covered by FOX, including a Thursday night affair.

The Giants Week 16 contest is listed as a flex game. It might be played on Saturday or Sunday and become part of CBS, FOX, NBC, or the NFL Network’s lineup. Sling TV is one of the rare live streaming companies that include the NFL Network, which improves your odds of watching the Week 16 Giants live stream. It also lets you get news all week and watch live game updates each Sunday.

DirecTV Now includes NY Giants live stream

DirecTV Now, the online streaming division of the satellite television company, offers NBC, FOX, and ESPN with its basic packages starting at $40 per month. That gives you access to at least 13 NY Giants live stream games, with the possibility of the flex game, too.

There is no contractual obligation with DirecTV Now. You cancel right after the season if you don’t want the rest of their package.

Sunday Ticket Online from DirecTV

Many people in large cities are restricted from using satellite dish networks due to dense populations or laws. Parts of New York City and their suburbs are like that. For those people, DirecTV offers their Sunday Ticket Online to let dish-less neighborhoods stream live NFL games.

This program gives you all the Sunday Ticket games over the internet. It costs about $200 for the season. If you are a student at any one of several hundred qualifying colleges or universities, DirecTV will cut that price in half. It is worth checking to see if you are eligible for the service which would let you watch all 16 New York Giants live stream games.

Use Fubo TV to watch Giants live stream games

You can watch 13-14 New York Giant live stream games on Fubo TV, a sports-centric streaming service. FOX, NBC, and CBS are included in Fubo’s basic package for $45/month. More than half of their 60 total channels offer sports-exclusive content, making it worth the price for general sports fans.

ESPN and NFL Network have not come on board with Fubo TV yet. But if you normally watch your Monday Night football games outside your home, Fubo is a great choice for you.

CBS All Access can fill the gap

CBS will stream all its contracted NFL games over their All Access streaming service. That means you can watch the two Giants game live on CBS. Remember the flex game might also land on CBS.

With a price of just $5.99 per month, CBS All Access can complete your Giants live streaming offerings.They also provide other Sunday NFL live stream games, along with several playoff contests and the Super Bowl.

PlayStation Vue for all your Giants live stream needs

PlayStation Vue is an online streaming service that, remarkably, does not require a PlayStation game module to use. It is compatible with most internet-connected devices.

For $45/month, PSV offers the NFL Network and ESPN nationwide. It also offers CBS, FOX, and NBC is many markets. Although there are negotiations and issues being discusses, PlayStation Vue might offer all three major networks in your area, including New York.

Verify the status of each channel on their website before committing. There is no contract, so you can cancel any time. Networks not available live are included as an on-demand service.

International NFL Game Pass and Giants live stream

Giants fans living outside the country can watch all 16 NY Giants live streaming games on NFL Game Pass. For an annual fee of $125, international fans can enjoy every NFL live stream game as it happens, as well as a condensed replay any time after.

24/7 access to the NFL Network, the NFL Red Zone,and coaches’ film views are also included. US residents can get every NFL game on demand with all the other perks for a slightly lower price.

Everyone can watch NY Giants live stream games

With a few minutes of research, you can find a service or combination that meets your specific needs whether you live in New York, California, or overseas.

Then you can set yourself down in front of your preferred NY Giants live stream viewing device and cheer for your favorite players.

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