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New England Patriots live stream – How to watch with or without cable TV

One of these years, someone in the AFC East will challenge the Patriots for the division title. 2018 is not going to be that year.

That’s okay because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have learned to pursue higher goals. During a run that includes five Super Bowl Championships in eight appearances, it sometimes seems like the pair are running a video game offense in New England.

Motivation will come from their upset loss to the Eagles in their latest appearance. Brady is determined to prove life doesn’t end after age 40, even for NFL quarterbacks. Belichick is out to prove he can be a head coach and coordinator, declining to replace Matt Patricia.

Fans want to see if rookie Sonny Michel will give the team a more traditional running game as opposed to their recent committees. They want to know who will star on the other end of Brady’s passes. Will it be Danny Edelman, Chris Hogan, or the Gronk? Or will a new name emerge from the Dorsetts, Deckers, andBritts of the world?

There are marquee matchups against the likes of Jacksonville, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay. But the Patriots hardcore fans won’t want to miss a single game of the 2018 season. Every fan expects their team to march back to the Super Bowl come February, and they want to see every moment.

What if some fans have incomplete cable packages? What if some fans cut the cord and abandoned cable television altogether? What if some don’t even have televisions?

Luckily, everyone can watch New England Patriots live stream games on their computers, mobile devices, or a variety of internet television units. Fans can receive a high definition picture and reliable service legally and on a budget with any of these providers.

Watch New England Patriots live stream on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a sports-centric online television provider with excellent service and quality. You can watch New England Patriots live stream games over CBS, NBC, and FOX in much of New England.

As usual, most Patriots live stream games will be hosted by CBS (10 games). There are three Sunday Night Football games on NBC and two more games on FOX.

New England plays one Monday night game on ESPN, which is not included in the Fubo TV package. Fubo offers the most complete season of New England Patriots live stream games in the USA, with one limited exception.

At $45 per month and no obligation to carry the service after the season, it might be worth your while to watch the Monday night game at a friend’s house.

CBS All Access for ten New England Patriots live stream games

The key to finding a good internet television provider is variety of available channels. That’s what makes CBS’ venture into live streaming so challenging.

You will be able to catch the ten New England Patriots live stream games hosted by CBS, as well as some playoff games and the Super Bowl via CBS All Access. However, you will need another NFL live stream provider to find the other six games.

With a price of $5.99 per month, many fans might be satisfied with those ten games. Others might find combining another site listed below with CBS All Access can form a complete package of New England Patriots live stream offerings.

Sling TV has some New England Patriots live stream games

Fans can watch New England live stream games on NBC, FOX, and ESPN with Sling TV’s basic packages. With a unique dual package lineup, you can pick up all these channels (and about 45 more) for $40/month. If you don’t plan on watching Monday Night Football in your home, you can basically drop ESPN and save $15.

CBS is not included with Sling TV. If only there was an inexpensive way to get CBS’ games along with Sling TV’s New England Patriot live stream offerings.

Sling TV also includes the NFL Network, so you can watch NFL highlights and news all week long. For an additional $10 per month, you can add on their Sports Extra package, which includes NFL Red Zone.

New England Patriots live stream on DirecTV Now

DirecTV’s Sunday ticket is the most complete NFL offering available, but it comes at a price. Besides a costly two-year contract, there is equipment to be purchased and maintained.

DirecTV Now is their online television streaming service. You can use it to watch New England Patriots live stream games on FOX, NBC, and ESPN. You would need to add a CBS option to the $40/month cost of basic DirecTV now. There is no contract with this service, so you can cancel right after the season.

Sunday Ticket Online might work for students

DirecTV started an online version of the popular NFL Sunday Ticket package specifically for NFL fans who are restricted from using satellite dishes. This includes some people who live in apartments or dorms.

For $50 a month (or around $200/season), you can watch NFL live stream games on your computer or mobile device if you qualify. Better yet, if you are a student living in a dorm at one of hundreds of qualified colleges or universities, DirecTV will cut that price in half.

Every single New England live streamed game is available over Sunday Ticket. It is worth checking their website to see if you qualify.

NFL Game Pass for international fans

NFL Game Pass does not show New England Patriots live streaming games in the United States. It is primarily an on-demand service.

However, NFL Game Pass’ international customers get to watch all 16 Patriots games live. In fact, you can watch every NFL live stream game every week.

The $125 annual fee also includes access to archived games from the current and past seasons, NFL Red Zone, coaches’ film views, and the NFL Network.

Can you stream over the air?

Over-the-air television antennas are making a bit of a comeback but offer several drawbacks compared to watching New England Patriots live stream games via the internet.

For example, unless you plan on spending a large amount of money on a top-of-the-line antenna system, you will probably lose the ability to pause, rewind, and DVR games.

In parts of New England, the challenge of antenna television is more difficult than in Boston proper. The antenna must be close enough to the local broadcaster to pick up the signal. But in the farther reaches of New England’s fan zone, one “local” broadcaster might be in Albany, NY. Another might be in Springfield, Ma while the third is in Montpelier, Vt.

We highly recommend using an NFL live stream provider instead. Before you choose a company to provide New England Patriots live stream football, check their website to verify what channels are available to you.

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