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Los Angeles Chargers live stream – How to watch with or without cable TV

Phillip Rivers and Los Angeles Chargers lost their first four games last season. It is their 9-3 record since then that has them full of hope heading into 2018.The team is determined to pick right up where they left off.

Injuries at the tight end and defensive back positions are not dampening the enthusiasm among fans; nor is it hedging the expectations of offensive stars Keenan Allen, Melvin Gordon, and Rivers.

Newly-signed tight end Virgil Green was brought in for his run-blocking ability, but his 44-yard catch against the Chargers last season has them believing they can survive without Hunter Henry (torn ACL) and Antonio Gates (free agent). Second-year wide receiver Mike Williams and Allen will pick up much of Henry’s projected targets.

Meanwhile, the defense added four draft picks to help bolster their group. Los Angeles was an anomaly last season when they gave up a league-worst 4.9 yards per rush and still ended up with the third-best overall defense.

With Todd Gurley, Le’Veon Bell, LeSean McCoy, and a double dose of Kareem Hunt on the schedule, a few faster and younger linebackers on the field can’t hurt.

How to watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games in 2018

Whatever happens in 2018, Chargers fans are not going to want to miss a game this season. For many, that means finding a high-quality Los Angeles Chargers live stream option before kickoff.

The Chargers’ two nationally-televised games are scheduled on the main Sunday networks. The London game broadcast will come from CBS. A Thursday Night Football affair will be on FOX (as well as NFL Network and Amazon Prime).

That means you can watch 12 Los Angeles Chargers games live on CBS, with three more Chargers live stream games coming via FOX.

There is an unscheduled game in December that could be played on either Saturday or Sunday, which will determine its broadcast status. If the 16th game is on a different network, we’ll tell you how to live stream it for free.

Watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on Fubo-TV

Fubo TV is an online television service largely devoted to sports. More than half its channel lineup consists of sports-specific stations. In the Los Angeles area, as well as many parts of the country, they offer CBS, FOX, and NBC.

That means you can watch all 15 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games using one online provider. Fubo TV packages start at $45 per month. With no contract required, you can cancel your subscription as soon as the season is over.

With NBC in the package, you have a better chance of the December flex game being included in your subscription.

Despite its sports-centric offerings, Fubo TV does not have a contract with ESPN. There are no Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on Monday nights, but if you are a MNF fan, you will need a different plan.

CBS All Access offers 12 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games

CBS All Access offers NFL live streaming options for games broadcast on their network. Besides 12 Los Angeles Chargers live stream offerings, this includes some playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Every other NFL live streaming provider offers multiple channels, but CBS offers affordability. At only 5.99 per month, you can watch most of the Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on a tight budget.

All-Access can complete a season package when combined with another NFL live stream option, as you will see below.

You can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on Sunday Ticket Online 

Most football fans are familiar with the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package. It offers a great NFL experience, but you have to commit to two years at a premium price and deal with a satellite dish and other equipment.

But some fans can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games via Sunday Ticket Online. This is a newer service for people who can not use satellites due to local restrictions. This includes many apartment dwellers and students in dorms.

DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Online lets you watch any NFL live stream game over your computer or mobile device. It still carries a hefty $49.99 per month price tag but does not include the two-year contract.

Better yet, if you are a student at one of hundreds of participating colleges and universities, you can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games for half the price.

DirecTV Now also offers Los Angeles Chargers live stream games

DirecTV Now is a wider-available option from the company. At a non-contracted $40 per month, DirecTV Now includes ESPN, NBC, and FOX over most devices.

There are no CBS games broadcast by DirecTV Now, but if combined with CBS All Access, this provider allows you to see all of the Los Angeles Chargers live stream television options, along with many other NFL live stream games.

Sling TV offers another option for LA Chargers live stream viewing

There are a number of possibilities offered by Sling TV to NFL and Los Angeles Chargers fans. This company has two packages of channels at $25/month each. One includes ESPN. The other includes NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network.

If you prefer to watch Monday Night football games in a more sociable viewing arena than your living room, you can opt for the second package. Combined with CBS All Access, this gives you the most affordable way to watch all 16 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games,regardless of who televises the flexed game.

Combining the ESPN offering will cost a discounted $40 per month. Sling-TV also offers NFL Red Zone as part of an add-on called Sports Extra.

What about that flex game?

The weekend of December 23-24, the NFL can slot the Chargers’ game into a Saturday or Sunday window. That means it is possible CBS, Fox, NBC, or the NFL Network could have exclusive rights to broadcast.

If the game is broadcast on a network not included by your NFL live stream provider, you can probably watch the game live for free by taking advantage of a free trial offered by most companies.

International fans need to watch Chargers live stream games, too

NFL Game Pass is the best option for NFL fans living overseas. Many US fans know it as an on-demand service. However, fans outside the United States can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games as they happen.

The international Game Pass service offers every game live or later, along with NFL Red Zone and the NFL Network for only $125 per year.

There is a way for anybody, anywhere to watch every Los Angeles Chargers live stream game in 2018. With just a few minutes of research, you will find the best option for you.

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