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Kansas City Chiefs live stream – How to watch with or without cable TV

There is a lot of excitement in Kansas City over the start of the Pat Mahomes era. The second-year quarterback out of Texas Tech owns the Chiefs’ offense in 2018.

Surrounded by an impressive array of talent, Mahomes is expected to lead Kansas City to its third consecutive AFC West title and fourth playoff appearance in a row.

The Chiefs added Sammy Watkins to line up opposite all-pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Spencer Ware comes back from the disabled list to help Kareem Hunt and the running game. Travis Kelce will try to lead all tight ends in receptions for the third time, too.

It all adds up to an exciting season for Kansas City, one that no Chiefs’ fan will want to miss. That means many will watch Kansas City Chiefs live-stream games over the internet.

If you are among the trendsetters who no longer use cableor need a service to fill gaps in your channel selection, we will present the best options for Kansas City Chiefs live stream providers.

The information below includes legal ways to watch Chiefs games live. Kansas City Chiefs live stream options are complicated by the variety of networks presenting Chiefs games live during the 2018 season.

Kansas City plays two Monday Night Football games on ESPN, two Sunday Night Football contests on NBC and a Thursday night game simulcast on FOX, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime.

Two other Sunday games will be broadcast by FOX. In order to enjoy the rest of the Sunday games via Kansas City Chiefs live stream, you will need a provider that includes CBS live.

Kansas City Chiefs live stream via CBS All-Access

CBS All-Access exclusively provides their own television programming, including the chance to watch nine Kansas City Chiefs live streamed contests and more than a hundred other NFL live stream games.

Many of the other NFL live stream options do not include CBS. At a low price of $5.99 per month, CBS All-Access can provide the Chiefs live stream games needed to complete a full season of NFL enjoyment.

Those on a budget might settle for the nine games on CBS and count on neighbors and various social sports establishments to watch other Kansas City Chiefs live stream options.

Find a more complete Chiefs Live Stream lineup with Fubo TV

Built by and for sports enthusiasts, Fubo TV offers a wide array of sports channels, including NFL live stream providers. You can find all your Sunday football needs, including Kansas City Chiefs live stream games on FOX, CBS, and NBC in many markets, including Kansas City.

Fubo has not yet struck a deal with ESPN. But if you can find another option for Monday Night Football viewing, Fubo is a strong candidate to satisfy your Kansas City Chiefs live stream needs.

Fubo runs about $45 per month with no contract. Besides being compatible with most online streaming devices, you can use Fubo to watch your Chiefs live stream games on most mobile devices and computers.

Sling TV for Kansas City Chiefs live stream games

You can watch Kansas City Chiefs games live via Sling TV when they are on NBC, FOX, ESPN, or the NFL Network. Sling offers two sets of channels at $25 each, or both for $40 per month. Since ESPN is not part of the group that includes NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network, you probably want to go with the combined groups.

Adding the CBS All-Access service at $5.99 gives you a complete Kansas City Chiefs live stream package at a price comparable to other, less complete services. Sling enjoys a reputation as one of the best live stream providers.

If you have a few more dollars to burn, consider adding the Sports Extra package from Sling TV. It includes the NFL Red Zone channel, as well as other fun sites from other major sports.

Watch Kansas City Chiefs live stream on DirecTV Now

Direct TV’s satellite package, NFL Sunday Ticket, is the most complete NFL life stream experience available, but it is expensive, requires a two-year commitment, and makes you deal with a satellite dish.

DirecTV Now is an NFL live stream option that includes NBC, FOX, and ESPN. They do not include the NFL Network, but since Kansas City Chiefs live stream games are not part of NFLN’s exclusive game offerings, that doesn’t matter.

The bigger obstacle is that most Chiefs live stream games are on CBS, another channel DirecTV Now does not carry. With a price similar to Sling TV, you can combine DirecTV Now with CBS’ All-Access to capture all the Kansas City live stream opportunities in 2018.

PlayStation Vue for Kansas City Chiefs live stream

Another option for Kansas City Chiefs live streaming is PlayStation Vue. Despite the name, you do not need to own a PlayStation console to use the service. It is compatible with most mobile and online streaming devices.

PlayStation Vue has offered CBS, FOX, and NBC local live streams, along with ESPN and NFL Network nationwide. However, there is some posturing going on in several media markets. This could affect network availability in your neighborhood.

Check the PlayStation Vue website to make sure they still offer all the local affiliates where you live. If so, this is the most complete Kansas City Chiefs live stream package available. It costs about $45/month with no contract obligating you to continue service past the NFL football season.

There is an NFL Game Pass for international fans

NFL Game Pass offers on-demand access to all games throughout the United States. But if you don’t live in the United States, you get to watch every game live. That means you can watch Kansas City Chiefs live streaming football games regardless of what channel is presenting the game every week.

For only $125 per year, NFL Game Pass offers international customers NFL live streaming games, plus on-demand replays, coaches’ films, archived games from previous seasons, NFL Red Zone, and 24/7 access to the NFL Network.

Kansas City Chiefs live stream for everybody

All these Kansas City Chiefs live stream providers offer more than NFL football. Each of them has a variety of other entertainment channels to enjoy. If you’re having trouble deciding which option to use, check out their other channels to see if that wins you over.

With a quick internet search, you can find the best provider or combination to economically allow you to watch every Kansas City Chiefs game live.

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