When Tightend Jimmy Graham Returns Will It Be With Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham drags Bears safety Brock Vereen towards the end zone for a touchdown in the third quarter at CenturyLink Field Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. (John Lok / The Seattle Times)

After playing the entire first part of his career as a New Orleans Saint, Jimmy Graham played this season for the Seattle Seahawks before rupturing his patellar tendon during the Seahawks week 12 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The injury ended Graham’s 1st season in Seattle prematurely, but as more time has passed rumors have begun to circulate about Graham no longer being with the organization for the 2016 season.

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider addressed the rumor on Seattle’s 950 KJR-AM radio during an interview.

When asked if he believed the Seahawks organization would cut ties with the tightend considering all they gave up for the player and the limited production Graham was able to produce this season, Schneider said, “No, I don’t, I really don’t…I understand why people would say that based on the salary and what some people have … people on the outside may perceive as a lack of production. But really, truly, the guy is a special player. We gave up a No. 1 draft choice for him. He’s a great guy. He’s going through a lot right now with his rehab, and he did nothing but give it his best since he came here.”

When you look at concerns abpout Graham, there are some strong points to consider about the tightend, first and foremost among them is the health of the player. Having a fully ruptured patellar tendon is an injury that does not have an easy recovery, and there is a concern that when Graham does return to the field, he may not be the same player that the Seahawks traded for.

Graham could be a 9 million dollar hit to the cap next season, but none of that money is guaranteed. If the Seahawks did decide to part with the tightend, they free up all of that money which is by no means an insignificant sum in the NFL.

One of the questions fans are asking is if Graham is worth it. Based on what the fans saw, Jimmy Graham’s production left a lot to be desired. Graham was averaging just 55 yards per game and had only found the endzone twice before he ended up going down with his knee injury. For an average tightend, that’s not  bad production, but the Seahawks didn’t give up everything they did for an average tightend.

While his production, and his health are certainly big questions, the organization seems committed to bringing Graham back for at least one more season.

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