The outcome, in a nutshell, was that the more rural and the

I was on antibiotics by now so a post France rendez booze with the chaps simply wasn an option on Monday night. I instead went to watch the England match round my cousin house. He 38 years old and fck me if I didn walk into the front room to see him wearing an England shirt, shorts and socks while chugging on a can of Tetley In his front room. Inside the brain and cognitive sciences department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are what, to the casual observer, look like dollhouse versions of surgical theaters. There are rooms with tiny scalpels, small drills and miniature saws. Even the operating tables are petite, as if prepared for 7 year old surgeons.

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Every people, every community or every tribe has its psychic abnormals, its psychopaths, its criminals, its disrupters, its exciters and its In a situation where there is almost no formal control system to limit the access of these dangerous cases to weapons and the coverage of rebel organizations (against the central government) or militiamen (self-defense, ethnic or traffickers) or even to reach the rank of soldier of the regular army of the country; To expect as much as possible Each group of lunatics claiming to be from an opposing camp will continue to consider themselves to hold the monopoly of crime, cowardice and violence. Such a posture is aggravated by the reinforcement of organizations with ethnicist and communitarian vocations. The main thing for this power and its external allies is the disappearance of all opposition to its political imposition on the

– That everyone works to quickly control his own fools;
– Let everyone realize that his only fools can not prevent fools from another camp to reach other poor people who have the misfortune to belong to a tribe, family or we do not know what else;
– Let everyone remember that such cowardice can never be politically productive in the framework of its ambitions or with the central state even less on real space in Azawad; participate in inc itations via channels, understand that they systematically commit to have a role in each new slaughter of innocents somewhere in the
A good waiter, hi

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