The Department of Homeland Security is a prime example of a

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Our democracy boasts moncler outlet uk of a First Amendment freedom of speech and press that protects blasphemy, moncler outlet online store pornography, filthy language and the burning of the American flag. We stand for a guaranteed right of women to abort their children cheap moncler jackets and of homosexuals to marry.

moncler outlet sale Took me a minute to realize he thinks these are all bad moncler coats for kids things lmao. I think being moncler coats for women able to burn the American flag is a beautiful thing. That sort of freedom, imo, IS something to be proud of.

moncler sale There is no proven difference in IQ between different races. However, there is a difference in IQ depending on welfare, since people who have access to proper food and care when growing up inevitably reach a higher IQ. The average IQ of the western nations has Discount Moncler Coats been steadily going upwards for a long time, but the growth is tapering off. The average IQ of developing nations is the same as in developed nations, moncler jackets on sale but lagging a few decades behind. The growth is not tapering off in those places (yet).

IQ is Official Moncler Outlet an incredibly flawed measurement that only examines very specific parts of the human intelligence.

Quickly skimmed the decision. The SCC reasoning appears cheap moncler to be that the Provinces are allowed to set rules around moncler outlet kids products entering the provinces as long as the primary purpose isn to impose a tariff. In this case, they ruled that the main purpose of the law was to “restrict non Corporation liquor, not just liquor moncler jackets outlet online brought from another province.”

I can help but think they got this one wrong. When you consider they found that the RCMP was concerned with the frequency of which NB residents were entering Quebec to purchase alcohol. The reasoning they were entering was not because they wanted to get alcohol not produced by the NB womens moncler jackets liquor corporation, but because the prices were cheaper. AKA the fine and offence under s. 134(b) was used as a tool to prevent residents of NB from accessing cheaper alcohol prices. Why are they cheaper? Not because NB is producing its own special type of alcohol (are they? I making the assumption that they get there rum, whisky, beer, and other typical alcohol products from the big manufacturers), but because moncler outlet mall they moncler jacket online are charging a higher tariff on the products to their residents.

The SCC basically accepted point blank that the purpose of s. 134(b) is to enable public supervision of the production, movement, sale and moncler outlet location use of alcohol within NB, but the only reason its residents are leaving NB to purchase moncler outlet online from Quebec is that the price is cheaper not because the alcohol is different.

cheap moncler jackets Maybe I missing some nuance that will come when I read the entire decision. Interested to see what others think. 3 points submitted 3 days ago

The restriction on “non Corporation” liquor will, by design, have implications on free trade. It seems a bit moncler coats cheap glib to pretend it is otherwise.

My guess moncler outlet usa (which is all it is) us that the Court was exercising a great deal of caution, given that a moncler outlets usa decision in favour of free trade would have been a bit of a political earthquake. It could moncler jackets have affected everything from provincial liquor monopolies, to supply management.

cheap moncler outlet Otherwise, it seems like we been left with a big loophole through which provinces can enforce any kind of arbitrary moncler coats for men restriction moncler outlets uk on trade, as long as that is an “incidental” result of a policy.

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buy moncler jackets It is a moncler outlet woodbury problem. We got several problems, in fact. There are still going to be people who want to believe in this stuff, even if they know there is zero evidence of efficacy. There isn much that can be Moncler Factory Outlet done about that I not inclined to protect such people from themselves, but again, they are part of the problem for helping to bolster an entire industry of quackery. More worrysome are those who put hope in these products, who may not be aware that the claims of efficacy are false.

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moncler outlet To be clear, I against any kind of trade protectionism between provinces, moncler coats outlet which is part of why I aghast at this Supreme Court decision. If anything, you should be free to buy and transport goods within your own country. I feel like there is something backward to how this country works, where internal trade is concerned.

moncler outlet online So indeed, I don want to pay more for beer (to the extent that I even drink beer.). But I also wish I were paying less for dairy, discount moncler jackets maple syrup, and a host of other things on moncler coats for cheap which legal cartels are allowed to screw not only Quebecers, but everyone else as well.

cheap moncler coats One of moncler jackets mens the major advocates of UBI was Milton Friedman who is a very famous libertarian economist and one of the most influential of the second half of the 20th century. Friedman was an intellectual moncler outlet libertarian a lot of the modern ones on places like Reddit are ideologues who argue for it based on axiomatic thinking rather than arguing for it based on a logical underpinning of policies. Friedman was more concerned with the actual size of government than its fiscal policies; the fiscal policies are related to the size of the bureaucracy itself.

moncler sale outlet So the logical underpinning Friedman UBI was that BUREAUCRACY, not merely spending policies was the reason for the bloated size of government. Fiscal policies are the result of large inefficient discount moncler outlet bureaucracies. One very basic, moncler outlet store basic moncler jackets outlet example that brought up in a lot of undergraduate Econ 101 courses is the issue of Food Stamps in America. moncler jackets cheap There needs to be a bureaucracy set aside to administer them properly. You need employees, record keeping, management etc. That moncler jackets canada bureaucracy combined with the cost of the Food Stamp Program itself is probably much more expensive than simply giving people money and letting them spend it on whatever they wanted. It a PR disaster however because giving poor people money is usually framed as “They giving these poor people money to buy cheap moncler coats for women drugs and have babies!” which probably is true to an small extent. Some people will buy drugs and have babies. But the Food Stamp program is already abused because those people simply can sell others their Food Stamps at below market value and buy drugs and have babies anyways. Friedman would argue that buy giving people money directly, moncler jackets for women you empower them to make their own choices and be responsible for themselves, you eliminate the Food Stamp program and the bureaucracy associated with running it and you mitigate hunger for people who actually use it to buy food.

So expanding this to UBI, Friedman advocated that instead of social programs like welfare, government housing, minimum wage, pension plans and other forms of social assistance everyone gets a certain amount of money per year. The size of government is now drastically reduced since those social assistance programs are replaced with people just sending out cheques.

cheap moncler The major challenges of UBI is

cheap moncler sale 1) Reworking the tax code to take it into moncler chicago account. You could set a threshold whereby every dollar over a threshold you make, the UBI portion of your income 2018 moncler black friday is taxed at 50% for every dollar over. So say we have two people, one makes $49,999/per year buy moncler jackets toronto with Income + UBI the other makes $51,000/year with Income+UBI. The threshold is set at $50,000. Person A would continue to make $49,999. Person B however would have their UBI reduced by $500 since 50%. Person B still makes more money than Person A so there is incentive for them to work harder, go to school, upgrade their degree, seek out certifications etc.

monlcer down jackets 2) Actually reducing the size of bureaucracies. The moncler jackets kids biggest losers in this sort of environment would be government workers since they are no longer required to administer bureaucracies. However, it is extremely difficult to eliminate a government department once it been established. The Department of Homeland Security is a prime example of a government department that was set up in the wake of a panic and now serves absolutely no purpose. This was the ultimate goal behind UBI for Friedman, he believed that the actual size of government was harmful to a society and minimizing it should be the goal. Modern conservative thought has sort of misinterpreted this to mean the size of government spending is harmful to society. Friedman believed that spending was a secondary consequence of the size of government itself. If you reduce the actual size of government, spending will naturally reduce.

3) Probably the most controversial one will be the immigration factor. Canada takes in several hundred thousand immigrants per year, their gradual integration into this system would be challenging. I imagine that anti immigration sentiment increases drastically in such a system because moncler coats sale the narrative that immigrants take, take, take and don add anything into the system is a very popular and easy narrative to set up despite how lazy it is.

Edit Since this got gilded and likely a lot of readers, I like to say that my shitty username is the result of Reddit having a character limit. It was meant to be a Simpsons reference.

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