” “Senior Smart Puzzles” (BookSurge Publishing, $10

Elevated plasticity marks the early stages of mammalian neurodevelopment as the brain rapidly increases in size with the expansion of neuronal subtypes. Following terminal differentiation, neurons undergo periods of axonal and dendritic branching that allow for fine tuning of synaptic contacts and the generation of elaborate circuits, many of which can persist throughout the lifetime of an individual. As the brain matures, such connections remain malleable permitting alterations in the synaptic strength of specific circuits required for various forms of experience dependent plasticity.

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supreme Snapbacks I think it’s great. It will help keep their minds sharp.” “Senior Smart Puzzles” (BookSurge Publishing, $10.99) is available through McClean’s Web site, www. Seniorsmartpuzzles. What’s the big deal about ball caps?Turns out, sailors have been wearing hats marked with the names of their ships since at least 1869 supreme hats, according to records on file at the Navy Heritage and History Command in Washington.Back then, sailors wore a visorless cloth cap with the ship’s name painted on a white band draped over top. The Navy began allowing service members to wear baseball caps embroidered with their command’s logo in the 1970s, cementing the tradition in the modern era.Sailors collected ball caps from each ship or command where they served. Baseball hats lined shelves in the work spaces or staterooms of senior officers. supreme Snapbacks

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