San Francisco 49ers Chip Kelly Begins Staff Changes

Chip KellyChip Kelly, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, and former Philadelphia Eagles head coach has begun to make some changes to the staff of the 49ers as they get prepared to restructure the team in hopes of redeeming themselves after what can only be described as an awful season.

The first moves that Kelly and the Niners made was the firing of Eric Mangini, the defensive coordinator. In addition the 49ers have offered the position of Offensive Coordinator to the Detroit Lions run game coordinator, Curtis Modkins. Kelly and the Niners have also agreed to terms with Derius Swinton, a special teams assistant with the Chicago Bears, to be their new Special Teams coach.

The Niners in their first year after head coach Jim Harbaugh left the team to return to coach college football at the University of Michigan, and they found themselves severely lacking on both sides of the ball.

Mangini, who had been with the Niners organization for 3 seasons was not a particularly bad defensive coordinator in his time in San Francisco and will likely be able to find another job on a team in the league. The firing of Mangini was, more than anything, symbolic of the regime change in San Francisco rether than a performance based firing.

With these first changes coming to the 49ers staff under Chip Kelly we will be beginning to see coaching changes that will give us an idea of how Chip Kelly plans to change the Niners gameplans on both sides of the ball.

As Chip Kelly begins assembling his new staff in San Francisco, the media and fans will have their microscopes all over the situation with memories of the Eagles under Chip Kelly and how that seemed like a failed experiment, especially this year.

One things fans of the Niners should be excited for, and defensive coordinators around the league should be nervous about, is the vast array of offensive options Chip Kelly will have utilizing Colin Kaepernick under center.

Kaepernick is the type of quarterback that Chip Kelly loves. You can look at the skill set the Kaepernick offers and be reminded of Marcus Mariota under Chip Kelly back at the University of Oregan when Chip Kelly’s coaching led Mariota to the Heisman and the Oregon Ducks to the first ever College Football Playoffs.

This move is the first of what will likely be many as the Niners’ new staff gets assembled and Chip Kelly looks to get the Niners back to relevancy in the NFC West.

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