Merlin opts to forgive him despite all of the tragedies

Overnight, the nearly 200 year old organization ceased to function, with Templar initiates, lapsing from the Order, joining rival orders and generally heading for the hills. It also became an endpoint for The Crusades whose enthusiasm had already ebbed, with the Templars serving as The Remnant. The dramatic fall from grace, from Poor Brothers venerated for their devotion to Christ to blasphemers and neo pagans associated with usury, cemented the rise of the Templar legend.. Easily Forgiven: Played with for Dinatius the Slayer. He murdered numerous innocents and blames Merlin for his deformities, which were his fault to begin with. Merlin opts to forgive him despite all of the tragedies, because he wanted to break the Cycle of Revenge, and that he pitied the slayer for having hatred consume him.

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