Live Album: Their latest album

Tropes Darker and Edgier: They (and funeral doom as a whole) are effectively this to traditional doom and death/doom. Doom Metal: Trope Codifier for funeral doom. Epic Rocking: After their first single, nearly all of their songs have been at least six minutes long, with more over ten minutes than not. Aes is the longest, at nearly twenty eight minutes. Guttural Growler: Matti Tilaeus’ vocal style. Hidden Track: The Process of Farmakon and Farmakon both have them. Indecipherable Lyrics: Since their primary vocal style is growled, this is almost a foregone conclusion. Live Album: Their latest album, Ordeal, is this, although it consists mainly of new material. Live performances of two old songs, “Pouring” and “The March and the Stream”, are included as a bonus. Long Runner Lineup: The line up was the same from 1993 to 2015. In 2015 they added a second guitarist, Timo Sitomaniemi. Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Since they’re a funeral doom band, it’s pretty much inevitable that they mostly occupy the 10 11 range. New Sound Album: Aeothe Kaear is the most obvious example, as it’s where they established their funeral doom sound. Before that, they were a straight up Death Metal band. Trope Codifier: For funeral doom. Up to Eleven: Their style can basically be considered this to traditional doom and death/doom: it’s even slower than either of them, with vocals so low pitched as to be incomprehensible.

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