Is Cam Newton the “Most Dangerous” QB In the NFL

Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton put on a display of dominance in the NFC Championship game this Sunday the likes of which hasn’t been seen in quite some time, but the game this past Sunday just scratches the surface of what Cam Newton has been able to do over the course of this season.

“He’s throwing the ball amazing right now,” Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib said. “And you know what he can do with his legs. He’s the best of both worlds, he’s probably the most dangerous [quarterback] in the NFL right now.”

It’s hard to disagree with Talib who will be on the defense matching up against Cam during SuperBowl 50 on February 7th as the Panthers and Broncos meet to determine which team will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy and be crowned the NFL ¬†Champions.

Cam Newton, over the course of the 2015 season may not just be the best quarterback in the league, he makes a strong case of being the absolute best player period. He brings an incredible versatility to the field that is virtually impossible to create a full defensive scheme for. He is a player that opposing defenses can only hope to contain because there will be no shutting Newton down.

Newton accounted for 45 of the Panthers touchdowns during the regular season, 35 of those through the air and the remaining 10 on the ground, and rcked up an impressive 3,837 yards in the air and 636 yards running the football. The numbers that Newton put up this season scream MVP. Winning that award would be the 1st for the former Heisman champion.

If the Broncos hope to win the SuperBowl in 2 weeks they must answer, defensively, a question that has not been clearly answered; How do you stop Cam Newton?

“You can’t rush timid, because if you do that, he’s one of those pocket quarterbacks that can get the ball deep down the field,” Broncos linebacker¬†DeMarcus Ware said. “You have to be able to get pressure on him, but you have to be decisive on how you’re rushing.”

Ware continued to elaborate, saying that while you can’t put no pressure on Newton, you can’t go too far in the other direction because Newton’s skill set on the ground means he can read the blitz and break it himself for a big play down the field.

There is no obvious answer on how to stop Cam Newton, and the Panthers hope to ride their incredible quarterback to a SuperBowl victory and well into the future.

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