In Buffalo, so there’s a lot of my former guys throughout the

“If you look throughout our league now, you’ve got Tim with New England, (tight end) Dustin Keller in Miami and (defensive coordinator) Mike Pettine and Co. In Buffalo, so there’s a lot of my former guys throughout the league,” Ryan added. “(Running back) Shonn Greene in Tennessee, who we’re going to go up against (too).

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Clean bar to your collarbone: Drag bar close to body up to chest level, flaring elbows out as bar rises. At the same time, lift onto toes to further lift weight up and then flip wrists under bar and toward ceiling. Lift elbows toward wall in front of you until bar rests on collarbone.

The Sounders’ previous best chance came in the 14th minute when Pat Noonan crossed into the box to Fredy Montero. The Colombian one touched with his right foot back to his left and fired. It wasn’t the hard, knuckling ball Montero often releases from outside the box, but was on goal.

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A 15 minute snowmobile ride away, another platoon learns another lesson: Hang on to those military rations. The soldiers cluster around holes bored into the ice, hoping to hook a fish. Gunner Eric Landry was among the lucky: he caught one after about six minutes of jigging.

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