When I got the NBA job, my manager was like, don want you to

sunshine stitchers puts their heart and sews into their work

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Technologies like the smartphone, the computer and the Internet have, of course, dramatically changed the ways we live and work but consider the spread of electricity, running water, the flush toilet developed and popularized by Thomas Crapper and central heating and the changes these have wrought. “These technologies were so disruptive because they massively reduced the time spent on housework,” concludes Swanson. “The number of hours that people spent per week preparing meals, doing laundry and cleaning fell from 58 in 1900 to only 18 hours in 1970, and it has declined further since then.”.

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The establishment, as you like to use as a slur, is a whole lot of people that do the very hard job of running the most powerful country on earth. You know. Experts.

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