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Fake Designer Bags Posted by: Arief Budiman 1644 Views
Yesterday afternoon after I performed my prayer duhur, while waiting for lunch, there is consultation in WA
“Mr. Arief good afternoon, I want to ask, why yes if the afternoon number of swallows passing on my building just a little bit, unlike if in the morning swallow flying over the building in large quantities
Before answering the above question I want to explain, that the success of swallow cultivation depends on the accuracy of determining
Okay I will repeat the explanation in some books that I’ve written, that is how to choose a location in
When is the best time to do a location check? To check the location, do the survey in the morning at around 6 to 8 am, and in the afternoon around 4 to 6 pm. Compare with in the afternoon whether the number of swallow colonies passing the same number, or fewer or more
if in the morning the number of swallow bird that pass as much as the afternoon time then the location of the land is quite potential to be built building If the swallow poulasi that pass in the morning and afternoon is not much just dozens of tail, build a swallow building in the location
If in the morning the number of swiftlets passing slightly, but when the swallow afternoon passing the number is very much, then the location is quite potential to be built building If the number of swallets that pass by in the morning more compared to the afternoon, then the location should not be built swallow building because it is not
Thus, the location of the path that prospects for cultivation swallow a dalah, determined on observations during the afternoon
In general, the swallow path went to the morning looking for food and returned to the original building, generally using the path

In the morning swallow swamps flock to the feed location through the A line, but during the day or in the afternoon, swallow return to the original building tnot through line A, but through the path
Why so? This is related to swallow area searching
If at the feed location that the number of insects is not much, then when invaded the colony swallows early in the morning, the insects in the location soon will sooner In the area where the feed is far away it is very possible < br> From the above explanation, then before building the swallow building, do a careful survey
Sound the check the location at the end of bamboo as high as 6 meters or on the roof of the house in the afternoon Fake Designer Bags.

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