Detroit Lions Continue Front Office Changes

detroit lionsToday marked the first of what will likely  be multiple changes to come in the Detroit Lions front office as their new General Manager Bob Quinn has begun to make moves in his staff in an effort to reform the Detroit Lions from the top down.

Today marked the firing of Cedric Saunders who was the Detroit Lions VP of Football Operations, and one of former Lions’ GM Martin Mayhew’s most trusted staff members.

Saunders had been with the Lions organization for 10 years, and as the VP of Football Operations was responsible for many tasks ranging from travel, equipment, and video departments all the way to player development.

His firing almost certainly will act as a precursor to more firings and personnel replacements as the Lions are going to begin trying to work to help the team achieve some semblance of success as the Lions have by and large found themselves at or near the cellar of the NFC North division for most of the last couple of decades. That is not to say the Lions have not had any talent to put on the field, they have, with names like Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, and N’dmukong Suh all entering the league via Detroit, with Stafford and Johnson still playing for the beleaguered Lions.

Despite some of the talent that the Lions have assembled over years, their most noteworthy accomplishment they have to their record in recent memory is a winless season in 2008.

The Lions changed general managers this season in an effort to begin righting the ship and hopefully steer the organization back to some sort of relevancy, or at the very least, back to being competitive in the NFC North and maybe earning a playoff berth in the coming years.

While the Lions had found some success within the draft under former, but they never seemed to be able to form a strong cohesive organizational mentality. At times, the team has had noteworthy sides of the ball, or at least position groups,  but the team has never been able to be come together enough to become any kind of force to be reckoned with in the league.

This firing is the next step the new GM is taking to try and create a unified organization and have the team become a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to other front office moves being made, we should expect multiple player moves to come as well, as the Lions will almost certainly be trying to stockpile picks as they enter a new rebuilding phase under Quinn.

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