Defiant to the End: Batman, when captured by Luthor

The Tom’s Diner waitress even calls it the Harry Classic! Cheri points out that Scarlet has a Batman lunchbox. Scarlet retorts that not everyone is obsessed with My Little Pony. Iris then exclaims “But Friendship IS Magic!” To cooldown Opal after her powers manifest during her major meltdown, Iris summons a Triple Rainbow and some unicorns. Creepy Child: Saturn Girl. Decoy Leader: The President was a decoy for Luthor. Defiant to the End: Batman, when captured by Luthor. How a whole person fits in there, when the mutant that came out is not much bigger than a human head, is never made clear. Because in the Whoniverse everything’s Bigger on the Inside? “The Witch’s Familiar” (Season 9, Episode 2) Seems to show a lot more room inside of a Dalek than was previously indicated, once all the guts are removed and the machine is stripped to its basics. It snuggly fits Clara (who, admittedly, is an extremely small woman) in what looks like a chair, perfectly suited for the human form.

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