Carolina Panthers’ Linebacker Thomas Davis Expects To Play In SuperBowl 50

Thomas DavisLinebacker for the Carolina Panthers Thomas Davis has said that he fully expects to play in SuperBowl 50 despite suffering a broken arm in the NFC Championship game this past Sunday, a game in which the Panthers dominated the Arizona Cardinals, punching their ticket to play against the Denver Broncos in the 50th edition of the SuperBowl.

Davis broke the arm in the first half of the game against the Cardinals and had to undergo surgery to repair the fracture. Davis had to have upwards of 10 screws and a metal plate surgically implanted into the arm, but in spite of that thinks he will be ready to go by kickoff for the SuperBowl 50.

Some of his teammates have been messing with Davis as a result of his confidence about his return and have been grabbing at his arm. Now, Davis has begun to playfully retaliate and seems to be gaining more and more confidence during the recovery.

“They kind of grabbed my arm like, ‘You can’t retaliate. You can’t do anything,'” Davis said. “It was feeling a lot better today than it was yesterday, so I retaliated like, ‘If you want to try me now.'”

Davis has been a key part to a dominant Panthers defense and is 2nd on the team in tackles after only fellow linebacker Luke Kuechly. While obviously unable to fully participate in practive less than a week after surgery, Davis still comes to the field for a little while before going into the Panthers training facility to work on conditioning.

“I’m excited about where I am right now,” said Davis in his first interview since Monday’s surgery. “It hasn’t changed. I’m still looking forward to playing in the Super Bowl.”

Having Davis still showing up like he has been has helped serve as a spark plug to the team that is already full of energy and passion. Davis’ teammates have made note of how his determination to play in the game and be a part of the practices helps drive them to perform even harder.

Davis is 32 years old, and this may be his only opportunity to play on the NFL’s biggest stage, but he insists that his hurry to return to the field is not just selfishly motivated.

“Man, even bigger than me having this opportunity, I want to go out and play for my team because I know I can help the team,”

While there are still some concerns, Davis seems determined to get back in time for the game, and with the dedication he is showing, he may just get there after all.

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