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Kendall Jenner Can't Live Without These Sunglasses

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When you’re a Kardashian/Jenner, you’ve got the world at your fingertips. Especially when it comes to fashion, and especially when you have a stylist who works for you and can pullpretty much anything you’d ever want to wear. Why, then , has Kendall Jenner been spotted no fewer than seven times wearing these Elizabeth and James Watts sunglasses? – Continue Reading BelowSplash NewsWell Canada Goose outlet online ,as far as I’mconcerned it’s because shecan’t live without them. Dramatic? Probably. But I do think it’s clear that she really likes them.Splash News – Continue Reading BelowCurrently available on for $195, the sleek metalaviator silhouette and mirrored lenses make for the perfect pair of cool-girl glasses. They’re also a good way to hide the shade you may be throwing andblock outthe sun (or thehaters). Pick them uptoday and have themin time for that burger eating session with your besties that I’m sure you’re going to have this weekend.

Kendall Jenner Can't Live Without These Sunglasses

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