Arizona Cardinals Not Afraid Of Cold Weather Game

Arizona CardinalsThis Sunday the Arizona Cardinals are slated to visit Charlotte, North Carolina to take on the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Conference Championship game this Sunday as the two teams will vie for the NFC spot in SuperBowl 50.

The weather for the game is going to be a concern for both teams as a major snowstorm is currently affecting much of the East Coast including Charlotte. The icy and snowy conditions have made practice more difficult, and even held Jared Allen out of practice yesterday, forcing Panthers head coach Ron Rivera to rule Allen out for the NFC Championship game, much to the frustration of the veteran Allen.

Whenever a cold weather game comes up, especially in the playoffs, there always are questions when one team is from a warm weather area. Such is the case this week with the Arizona Cardinals, who not only play in a warm weather state, but play in a domed stadium for all of their home games, so there is just concern over how the weather conditions will affect their ability to play the game to their fullest capacity.

Though not always playing in conditions quite this severe, the Carolina Panthers are likely more equipped to be used to this type of weather than the Cardinals. In addition, when you consider the weather conditions on top of the fact that the crowd will be raucous for the Panthers will be a difficult hurdle for the team to overcome.

Despite all of the attention the weather has been getting, the Cardinals are brushing off the weather, saying they will be more than ready to compete no matter what kind of conditions they will be playing in on Sunday.

“Sunday is going to be 37, wind about six miles an hour,” Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said, in the Arizona Republic. “You couldn’t ask for better than that in Charlotte.”

“I think the playoffs, at this time of year, you have to expect some weather. I feel bad because our fans aren’t going to be able to get there, supposedly because of flights getting canceled. We have some great fans that travel with us and you hope they’ll be able to get in town for the game.”

The Cardinals practiced in Arizona all week and left for Charlotte on Saturday, despite the storms in the area. When game time finally rolls around on Sunday, we will see just how much of a role the weather ends up playing in the NFC’s Conference Championship game.

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