A more scientific survey by the Wall Street Journal in 2010

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cheap jerseys Even in Queens, the backyard of Citi Field, where the Mets’ godly Noah Syndergaard will throw the opening pitch of Game 3 on Friday, the team isn’t No. 1 for fans. Queens residents backed the Yankees over the Mets 50% to 43%, a 2014 Quinnipiac match up found.So who likes the Mets?”Mets fans are more degenerate,” said John Walsh, 48, as he leaned against the counter of Dive Bar on Manhattan’s Upper West Side during Tuesday’s opener of the best of seven series against the Kansas City Royals.Cheering on the blue and orange in Manhattan and at bars in Queens during Games 1 and 2, Mets fans tossed around terms like “blue collar” and “underdog” to describe their compatriots.A more scientific survey by the Wall Street Journal in 2010 agreed.Mets fans are more likely to have stopped their education after high school than Yankees fans 30% to 25% the study found.And Yankees fans are slightly more likely to earn $100,000 or more a year, though the wage gap was statistically insignificant, the Journal said.Mets fans describe a love story born through both parentage and choice even though New Yorkers prefer the crosstown Yankees 61% to 27%, the Quinnipiac Poll found.”I had the privilege of choosing,” Shira Levine, 29, said Tuesday night at Dive Bar.New in town years ago, Levine went to both Yankees and Mets games before picking her team.”Yankees fans kept leaving early,” she said cheap jerseys.

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