3, and 11 am to 5 pm Sunday, Oct

Emerald Valley Comic Fest is 10 am to 8 pm Saturday, Oct. 3, and 11 am to 5 pm Sunday, Oct. 4, with panels, costume contests and more, at Lane Events Center. The museum will be open Fri Sun from Memorial Weekend through June 12. From June 13 through the end of October the museum is open daily from 9 am 5 pm. Loomis who best documented the eruptions of Lassen Peak in the early 1900’s.

4k led display The only exceptions were the metis; for reasons unknown the Furies have several metis among their ranks. These days, though, the Furies give away male cubs to be raised by other werewolves, but in return, they demand the right to recruit cubs raised by tribes. The Furies have forced their rivals to treat female cubs with respect, not by intimidation or insults, but by offering an alternative. 4k led display

outdoor led display The Microsoft Band 2 is a cool device but ugly and horrible to wear. And the Surge is actually pretty similar to the Vivoactive HR, but a much crappier screen. And the HR monitor always shows very low results on the Surge. Who are still enflamed. Let not forget them. Let do what we can from where we are.Hoping autumn is touching you all and you soaking in its cool, good tidings.I first saw this boat shaped house my sophomore year of college. outdoor led display

led billboard The relationship between these artists is as colorful as their works. For instance, the exhibition dwells on Picabia’s figurative post Dada/surrealist period, which led to his contemporaries in the movement to dismiss him as “regressive.” Schnabel endured his own criticism by mixing figurative work with abstraction. Meanwhile, Willumsen is one of those artists plagued with the critique of “kitsch.”. led billboard

outdoor led display But what makes this place such a mecca for weekend partying in Broward is that the Hard Rock gets right what so many tarted up bingo palaces don’t: Even the sharkiest card sharks get up from the table from time to time and want more than felt covered tables and jangling machines. It’s all the stuff that surrounds the gambling den nightclubs, eateries, and people, people, people that draw us like moths to a flame on hot summer nights. That, and the chance to win our share of the $5.9 million the Hard Rock claims to pay out every day. outdoor led display

led display Mixed Blood Theatre continues its efforts to broaden audiences beyond traditional theater goers in the second year of “radical hospitality,” in which a portion of every performance’s tickets are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis. The opening show of the 37th season also showcases Mixed Blood’s key artistic mission of exploring the lives and experiences of people outside the “center.” In the case of Next to Normal, the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, that person is Diana, a woman battling a bipolar disorder. Throughout the tough, rock based show, we watch Diana try to cope with the demons in her own mind and see the damage it does to her family. led display

led billboard The birth of Toys R UsIn 1948, Charles Lazarus returned from World War II and heard all of his war buddies talking about getting married. His instincts, Lazarus said in an Entrepreneur magazine interview in 2008, told him it was a good time to open a store that sold baby carriages and cribs. He was right.. led billboard

led billboard If you set out to do it, I don’t think anybody create a player development system (college football), which would provide just enough information to give the illusion of (draft) knowledge while remaining essentially a perfect mystery. And QB, by far the most important position in the game, illustrates it. No wonder so many people, including me, have been addicted to the draft for years.. led billboard

indoor led display About the Spurs: San Antonio has played the whole season without their leader, Kawhi Leonard led screen, who is behind in his recovery from quadriceps tendinopathy in his right leg and won’t be back for a few more weeks. The Spurs opened on a four game win streak without him, then lost four in a row before righting the ship with three straight victories. LaMarcus Aldridge has picked up the scoring load, leading the team with 22.4 points per game while contributing a team high 8.5 rebounds indoor led display.

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